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Announcing – Booking Courts Online!!

Hello Members,

As you know, it’s been a couple of months since Hardscrabble Club switched to the new service hosted by ’’ – and we are now happy to announce that as of Dec 1st you can begin to make your own Court Reservations online! You can check your options for available court time on any day – your membership level will allow you to reserve up to 7 or 10 days in advance, as the case may be. A reminder – ‘walk-on’ court time will be discontinued from Dec 1st onwards. Of course, you can continue to call in or email your court reservation requests as you have been doing, if you so prefer.

Your member Username and Password was emailed to you some weeks ago. In that email you would have been asked to reset your password the first time you logged in – if you have lost track, no worries. Simply ask us to resend your credentials to log in. Please note that the email address will include: and not – please check your spam folders if emails are not arriving in your inbox.

Once logged in, you may make your own court reservations, look up your account activity, make payments directly, etc. And please do take a moment to set your own My Profile (located on the top right corner of the web page)  to reflect your birth date, preferred email addressgendergame type preferences (singles, doubles, mixed) play time preferences (morning, afternoon, evening), NTRP player level(No one else sees these details, other than you and club administration.)

Why? Because it is to your advantage when anyone is trying to find other players of similar characteristics to play with! Example: John uses the Directory to find players. He sets up: NTRP player range: ‘3.5 – 4.5, gender: ‘male, age range: ’35 – 55, game type: ‘doubles and time: evening‘ and designates a radius of ‘30 miles‘. Only those players who fall within these parameters will be filtered through as potential players to be contacted. If John posts a desired game on the Backboard with the same parameters (which is simply the cyber version of the good, old Noticeboard of days gone by!!), only those interested will reach out to him.

IMPORTANT: In the interests of your privacy, choose No for the last setting: Display my email and phone numbers to All 10sPortal members?  Now others can still reach you by email by clicking on the ‘envelope icon’ – but they will never know your actual email address or phone number/s.

Visibility setting of ‘Entity Visible is recommended for starters – then only Hardscrabble Club members will be able to see you. ‘Invisible’ means no one can see you ever. ‘Visible’ means that you will be reachable by all other players at all other clubs/facilities in the area using 10sPortal (of which there are quite a few, as you will see!) in order to set up a game – a great option if you wish to widen your pool of players! You can always change your settings at any time.

You can add players to your ‘favorites’ group, you can rate other players, you can even make yourself invisible to select players, etc. We look forward to your feedback and please let us know if you have any questions or need any assistance – we will do our best, or find out about it if we are not sure.

See you on the tennis courts!


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